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Back to the night shift..

24 Sep

There are a few good things about working night shift. It pays more. Its quieter. And, if your job is like mine, you are getting a ridiculous bonus per hour right now. Chances are your job isn’t like mine and you are sleeping right now. I am very jealous.

But, when I work nights, I like to do projects and finish things I normally put off during the day. One thing I keep putting off is faxing in all my travel nursing paperwork…DONE! Also, completing the online nursing tests…DONE! Finding new music on Pandora…YEP! The new girl talking my ear off…OH YAAHHH!

I also love reading articles. Tonight, I found one in Relevant Magazine on making the most out of being single. It’s not the cliché “being single” article, because I get those at times(thanks Mom), but a more progressive view about using your singleness for God(which I am a huge supporter).

I am so thankful to not have kids or a boyfriend at times. I always think while in church, I have such an opportunity to praise God even greater than I do, since I don’t have kids to bug me. That I should read my Bible and study much more than I do, just because I have fewer distractions. It is, unfortunately, a thought that passes once my world is occupied with something else and that’s disappointing. So, a definite mindful task for me is to keep God a focus while I am single. And articles help! I love reading them, post them on my blog or email me if you find good ones. I am always open to learning new things and finding new points of view.

Back to work!! I have lots to do =)



21 Sep

I am moving 23 days from today and ‘packing’ might be my least favorite noun.

I suffer from procrastination. I don’t mind if something is in a place that it probably does not belong. I hate cleaning. And I usually work a lot of overtime.

These character flaws x 2 years of living in the same place = a mess to pack up

Lucky for me, I have 2 weeks off to get things thrown away, donated and put in storage. And hopefully I will be left with just the necessities to take with me.

Yesterday, was the day to pack my 2nd bedroom. I was prepared. I was motivated. I had boxes, tape, a Sharpie and a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino in hand. I have to admit it wasn’t terrible. The boxes in that room were packed full of pictures and keepsakes I couldn’t dare throw out. So I spent my time looking through old pictures, read my diary from when I was 12 and then there he was..BINGO!!!

Bingo was my favorite stuffed animal. He is brown and shaggy and a little dirty looking. I got him for my 10th birthday from my Mom and we were instant friends. I slept with him every night until college. So needless to say, he was pretty excited to see me! And, since my cat won’t be going with me to LA, Bingo said he wouldn’t mind keeping me company.

Once I found Bingo, I organized a box of pictures, a box of keepsakes and a few bags of stuffed animals to keep. The rest (which was about 4 boxes) was all trash. A few trips up and down the stairs and I was done!

Tomorrow is the kitchen and laundry room. Which happen to be more of a mess than all of the upstairs combined. And, I am supposed to have friends help move all my things to storage…I guess I will have to work fast! Wish me luck!