Being a good person doesnt really matter

23 Dec

Awesome entry! I find myself being nice when in reality, like Ali says, its not the most important thing.


Women, stop submitting to Men

15 Dec

Excellent article!! A great read for women and men 🙂

No Man is an Island

7 Dec

The truth I love about loving my brother cannot be something merely philosophical and abstract. It must be at the same time supernatural and concrete, practical and alive. And I mean these words in no metaphorical sense. The truth I must love in my brother is God Himself, living in him. I must seek the life of the Spirit of God breathing in him. And I can only discern and follow that mysterious life by the action of the same Holy Spirit living and acting in the depths of my own heart.

-Thomas Merton

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

5 Dec


What an amazing year this has been. If you told me I would be where I am last year, I wouldnt have believed you. I am thankful for every challenge and adventure I have had. I am thankful to be healthy. I am thankful for taing risks.

I love the person I am today and only hope to keep growing and loving as this year progresses.

This is my life

31 Oct

So, I was walking home from the gym.
Let me just say, tonight is an amazing night.
It is a crisp, not cold, quiet autumn night.

I love when the air is quiet and clear.

I think we forget to inhale. I know I do.
So tonight I inhaled. And tasted the air. Grounded myself.
There were no cars on the street…it was pretty late (sorry Mom)

But, I realized, this is my life.
This beautiful night, this amazingly simple life.
I don’t have dramatic stories. And that is perfect for me.

The highlight of my week, is trying the new pie at the farmer’s market.
Or going to dinner after church with my new friends.
I am incredibly thankful for that!

I wouldn’t say my life is simple.
It isn’t difficult either.
I would say it is full of more smiling and silly moments than it has been in a long time!
And I would never want that to change.

I made it!

18 Oct

So I made it to LA!!

North Hollywood to be exact. More affectionately known as NoHo.

The trip was fun. My mom was more fun than ever during our 6 hour car ride =)

Since I have been here I have been extremely busy, and I have no internet in my apartment yet. But, my place is pretty much set up. And, it is just perfect. It is a very large one bedroom with lots of upgrades, so I am hoping to have visitors from home soon.

Friday, my mom spent time with me all day. We shopped for house sheets, towels, pillows. We went out to dinner and explored the neighborhood a little. I also got many words of advice on which neighbor hoods to avoid and being aware of my surroundings. Thanks Mom.

Saturday morning my Mom left. Way too soon I might add, because, once she was gone I found all of the fun stuff she would have enjoyed! The farmer’s market is a block away and I can walk to it on Saturdays. There is a metro station across the street, so I can travel around without my car. And the main street, Lankershim, is also walking distance with what looks like lots of fun restaurants and bars!

Needless to say, I love NoHo. It is urban but still walkable. And lots of old, charming storefronts with new restaurants and apartments inside. I can’t wait to have a full day to just roam around!

My first day of orientation was Monday. Two hours of traffic later, I arrived late, but finished all that I needed to do. LA traffic is stressful to say the least. I am thankful I am close by my hospital so that I won’t have to endure that every morning! I also took a drive and found Downtown Burbank. What a charming little place. I am glad I will be here for 5 months because there are so many things I want to do.

Today was my first day of hospital orientation. What a treat! I had an awesome day and met some nice pediatric nurses I will be working with!

More on orientation and I will post pictures next time =)

Back to the night shift..

24 Sep

There are a few good things about working night shift. It pays more. Its quieter. And, if your job is like mine, you are getting a ridiculous bonus per hour right now. Chances are your job isn’t like mine and you are sleeping right now. I am very jealous.

But, when I work nights, I like to do projects and finish things I normally put off during the day. One thing I keep putting off is faxing in all my travel nursing paperwork…DONE! Also, completing the online nursing tests…DONE! Finding new music on Pandora…YEP! The new girl talking my ear off…OH YAAHHH!

I also love reading articles. Tonight, I found one in Relevant Magazine on making the most out of being single. It’s not the clichĂ© “being single” article, because I get those at times(thanks Mom), but a more progressive view about using your singleness for God(which I am a huge supporter).

I am so thankful to not have kids or a boyfriend at times. I always think while in church, I have such an opportunity to praise God even greater than I do, since I don’t have kids to bug me. That I should read my Bible and study much more than I do, just because I have fewer distractions. It is, unfortunately, a thought that passes once my world is occupied with something else and that’s disappointing. So, a definite mindful task for me is to keep God a focus while I am single. And articles help! I love reading them, post them on my blog or email me if you find good ones. I am always open to learning new things and finding new points of view.

Back to work!! I have lots to do =)