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9 Mar

I have been seriously MIA lately!


So much to say, so many updates.

I still love my job. I have been in the ICU the past few weeks and it has been great.

I have missed church for a good month 😦 boo BUT I have a great small group I can make it to most of the time!!

I took out my weave and joined the natural hair movement.

Became a natural hair product junkie. I dont discriminate…butters, oils, Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s..I have a problem

Found some red AND pink lipsticks that look awesome on me

I had some medical things going on, but now that I am getting treated I feel 100000x better!!

And I am just enjoying life.

Ready to leave LA and move elsewhere!! I should find out about my next contract soon.

Going to Mexico with friends next week.

Pray for my church in Phoenix, they are going on a missions trip to Fiji next week!!

I think that’s it for now. But, definitely more on the hair story later(It kind of consumes my days).