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4 Jan

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

I did.

I got to surprise my Mom, by coming home for Christmas and celebrated NYE in Hollywood with new friends.

I have to say as a young adult I have taken a liking to New Year’s over Christmas. As a kid it was the total opposite. Kids look forward to Christmas and presents and playing. As an adult (particularly this year) I have found Christmas to be more serious. Which it should be.

Fall on you knees. O hear the angels voices.

Quite possibly the most beautiful verses in any Christmas song.

And for me, it reminds me of the seriousness of the season.

So, the new year celebration for me is a cleansing of sorts. Out with the past year’s failure and triumphs and time to start a new chapter. It also helps the I love getting dressed up. I am the type of girl who prefers heels, pantyhose and cocktail dresses. I secretly dream it was still the 1950’s, so I could wear dresses daily, do my hair and makeup during the day, and wear high heels to vacuum and cook.

Since it is now 2012. I can only cling to the fun nights of going out with girlfriends (and the occasional date) to get all dolled up. In any case, I had a blast as usual. Met nice people and a few celebrities.

No resolutions for me though! I didnt have one for 2011, and not to brag, but my year was PHENOMENAL!!! Can you say WINNINGGGGG :p

So I am happy to take my chances and trust God again this year.

There are a few things I already am challenging myself with. One, is giving more financially to the people and things that help me the most. If there is anyway I could say ‘thanks’ to the people and things that have built me up the most, I will let my donations do it. Also, I have already had some unlikely events occur this year…which is GREAT being only 4 days into the year…so praying even more than I already do is something I would like to tackle as well.

I am also, dare I say, ‘superstitious’ when it comes to numbers. But, you would have to know me better to know I have really strange dreams and a lot of ‘feelings’ in my day-to-day, which I go by.  2012 is an even number, so I want to push my creative brain and self this year. When you have a degree and a job its easy to focus on that. But I find so much more happiness when I get to explore the beauty in the world and people. I really cant wait to see what this year brings!!